Tuesday, 15 October 2013

a little girl for mummy and daddy!

we are so overwhelmed with joy to announce that our little bundle of joy is officially a little girl!!! despite the announcement pic being very pink in colour, i'm not a very pink person so will try and steer away from this colour, although i can't say the same for everyone else who is going to spoil this little lady rotten!

hubby and i had a name picked out for a boy and since finding out we've been hard at work finding a name for a little girl. we will announce our main contenders and final choice soon enough!

lots of love, rainbows and glitter


Sunday, 13 October 2013

nursery inspiration boards

ok, so i said i'd wait but i really can't. i want to share my nursery inspiration boards with you guys because i'm so stinkin excited about the colour schemes we have gone with!

so if this little bub turns out to be a little baby girl, we are going with a coral and navy theme - little different to the norm, but totally my style. below is her little inspiration board plus the product listing underneath.

1. dwell studio meadow range cot bedding and change mat
2. replica eames rar rocking chair from matt blatt
3. replica anna castelli ferrieri componbili 3 round in white from matt blatt
4. jacob pendant in white / oack from beacon lighting
5. nyvoll chest of 6 drawers from ikea
6. all other accessories from etsy shops
on the other hand, if the little one turns out to be a little man, we are going with an orange and aqua theme! again a little different, but totally love the look! only difference with this inspiration board is that the cot will be white, not oak in colour.

1. dwell studio skyline range cot bedding, change mat and car pillow
2. replica eames rar rocking chair from matt blatt
3. replica anna castelli ferrieri componbili 3 round in white from matt blatt
4. jacob pendant in white / oack from beacon lighting
5. nyvoll chest of 6 drawers from ikea
6. all other accessories from etsy shops

anyway, that's all for now. big update due on monday!


super delayed blog... contains some EXCITING news...

ok, so i think it's fair to say that i have been a very slack blogger. i've been offline for the past 6 months, and to me that deserves the title! things have been a little hectic in the loratet household and i've been a little distracted, to say the least, hence my departure from the online blogger world. so, where do i start. i suppose at the beginning. now bfore i get into this long winded emotional rollercoaster of mine, i will warn you that this is going to be a long post and there will be another to follow up :)

in June this year, hubby and i decided that we were going to stop being 'careful' when it came to having a baby... in our minds we thought that falling pregnant would take about 3-6 months - about the average time these days. we were lucky, we fell the first month... so yes, that's my news WE'RE EXPECTING OUR FIRST BABY!!!

finding out that we were expecting was an interesting ride. i'm pretty intuitive when it comes to my body, so i knew about 2 weeks before my monthlies were due that something was going on. i started feeling a weird tapping sensation and got a little car sick. i also just wasn't myself. i was tired and quiet and for those that know me, i'm not like that at all.

one of my friends was convinced i was pregnant, so she made me go to the doctor to get a blood test to see if i as pregnant, this was about 1.5 weeks before my monthlies were due. i went to get my results and the doc told me i wasn't pregnant, but that it was still early and my HCG levels wouldn't indicate i was. so i kept on going with my daily life, a few days later i thought i'd do a home pregnancy test and sure enough, it was negative. a couple more days later, i still wasn't feeling right and thought i'd one first thing in the morning. this is where the story get's a little funny. i did the test, and according to the instructions you are supposed to wait about 5 mins or so. i did what i had to do and left the tester on the ensuite bench, i looked at it after about a min and there was one line, so i got up and went back to bed telling the hubby that it was over and i definitely wasn't pregnant. a few mins later ,hubby got up to go to the toilet (the ensuite bench is right near the toilet), he comes back into the bedroom slightly panicked and tells me there are 2 lines! I dismiss him, saying he doesn't know what he is talking about. he then proceeds to put the tester right under my face and i could see a faint second line. (pic below) cue in my freaking out here... i looked and looked and thought, there is a line but it's really faint, so i texted a photo of it to two of my girlfriends who have been pregnant before. surely enough, they said it was a positive result.

so off to the doctor i went for another blood test. i had to get this confirmed by a doctor as i was still a little sceptical. my girlfriend came with me to get the results (hubby was at work) and yes i was pregnant. cue in total shock, tears and more shock.and so the journey begins and what a journey it's been so far.

so the first couple of weeks was great, still going through shock, still not believing i was actually pregnant and still freaking out about how quick things happened. from about week 6 things took an interesting turn... this pregnancy hasn't been all i thought it would shape up to be. going into this i honestly thought that i was going to LOVE being pregnant. i was planning on taking weekly photos of my growing belly and being so excited about everything pregnancy related. how wrong was i. from week 6 extreme exhaustion kicked in. i was tired and when i say tired, i mean every second of the day. i felt like i had no energy what so ever. i'd never felt that way before. my commute to work is about an hour in the morning and evening. i was close to falling asleep on the wheel one afternoon and nearly had an accident, so hubby decided it was best for us to drive in together and i can sleep, sure enough that's what we did every day. i would wake up, get ready, have brekky, get in the car, sleep again, go to work (although at times i wonder how i did it because i wasn't really present at times!), get in the car sleep again, get home, shower, eat dinner (my mum was cooking for me at the time), then go to sleep again. yep, that was my daily routine. about a week later, add nausea to the list. oh that was fun, the constant feeling of being sick. i hated every second of it. the spewing came not long after and typically happened of an evening on the way home from work, but it started happening at all hours of the day.

now some people reading this may have had a totally different experience, one much worse. my best friend was hospitalised because she was so sick and wasn't able to really care for her kids while pregnant. thankfully, i wasn't like that, but it's the worst i have ever felt, so i can only comment on my experience and what i was feeling. horrible, all the time :(

not many people knew about us being pregnant, except my close friends, family and a few people at work. i had to explain the more frequent working from home moments and the cancelling meetings at the last minute so i can run to the toilet, or if i can't make it, spew in my bin. fun times. oh and add to that my MD walking in on me just as i'm spewing. mortified. those who did know, were so excited for us, but i wasn't feeling their excitement, nor did i feel a connection to something that was making me so sick. it was tough. i didn't want to take photos, didn't want to go out, didn't want to do anything. that lasted about 3 months. i was also showing quite a bit by this stage, so it was getting harder to hide the bump and people were guessing.

things got better after the 3 months, but then came the next symptom of pregnancy, extreme back pain. i was told i had pelvis girdle pain. ouch, ouch. ouch.  i was waddling. i was hurting. i couldn't do much by the time i got home from work. no more heels and no heavy lifting from here on out. i also had to see a pregnancy physio to see what we can do about the pain. cue in next pregnancy symptom... low blood pressure. very low. so low i was told to bed rest. i also had to eat more salt in my diet. this is an ongoing symptom and i just need to stop and rest when i get dizzy. i'm finding that it's worse if i am exhausted from the previous night. i'm just trying to remain as positive as i can about the pregnancy and try to tolerate the symptoms and work with them. it's a blessing to have fallen pregnant and to be expecting our first child and since feeling the little one kick, i've been getting really excited and talking to the bub allot more. i'm currently 20 weeks pregnant and the official due date is 25th Feb however my OB pushed it out a week, so his due date is 3rd march 14.

we are getting really excited about this little bundle of joy, it's been a tough ride but it will all be worth it in the end. i've now started to really get into the nursery and have started buying things for the little one. on monday we find out if we are having a boy or girl, that's where things will really get exciting. we are both sooooooo excited about this part! as i mentioned earlier, i haven't really taken many photos however i have one when i was 18 weeks pregnant. the hubby made me take one and i wanted to share some excitement with my colleagues that are in the US.

19 weeks pregnant with baby loratet
there is so much to talk about now... and given i'm a first time mummy i'm going to make mistakes, learn and keep learning.  in terms of the more fun side of pregnancy and having a baby... i can share that we have already purchased the following items. I've also decided to go with glass baby bottles, after doing some research on pros and cons. i found some great baby bottles from cherub baby, that come with a silicon cover to prevent breakage if dropped. the cover also changes colour if the milk is too hot! so cool! they also come in a great range of colours! i bought a red and yellow bottle for now and will continue to add to my collection once we know if it's a boy or girl. i'm super super organised and i already have the inspiration boards complete for the nursery. i've got one for a girl and one for a boy. i'll share these in my next post, when i share the news of what we are having!

love to you all

Danish by Design Troll Series Sun Cot

Danish by Design Troll Series Sun Bassinet

Bugaboo Cameleon - Special Edition All Black Pram

Safe and Sound Meridian Car Seat in Licorice

Storksak Sofia Nappy Bag in tan

Cherub Baby Glass Bottles

Sunday, 10 March 2013

book review: beautiful disaster

ok so here's another thing about me that you don't know yet. i'm a bit of a book worm. i love reading and to me a good book takes me on a journey. i feel like i've traveled to many places in the world (sometimes beyond what we know) through reading and it definitely opens my mind to things that are beyond my natural habitat and out of my comfort zone.  a group of friends, many who are also bookworms, have recently started a book club and the idea is that we rotate from house to house (alphabetically) and the host recommends a book to read and then hosts the get together - which normally involves a lot of cheese and wine! :) last month we had our first book club and the book that we needed to read was 'Confessions of a Video Vixen'.  much to my own disappointment, i let myself and the rest of the group down by not reading it in time. i did, however, have some time to do some research about the book, so could contribute a little bit. i must admit - i have since read the book.

this month, it was my turn to recommend a book. my book of choice was 'Beautiful Disaster' by Jamie McGuire. it's actually a book that i have read before, one of my favorites actually and so far the feedback from the rest of the group is pretty positive.

so below is my own little book review for 'Beautiful Disaster'.

summary: abby abernathy is a good girl. she doesn’t drink or swear, and she has the appropriate number of cardigans in her wardrobe. abby believes she has enough distance from the darkness of her past, but when she arrives at college with her best friend, her path to a new beginning is quickly challenged by eastern university’s walking one-night stand.

travis maddox, lean, cut, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what abby wants—and needs—to avoid. he spends his nights winning money in a floating fight ring, and his days as the ultimate college campus charmer. intrigued by abby’s resistance to his appeal, travis tricks her into his daily life with a simple bet. If he loses, he must remain abstinent for a month. if abby loses, she must live in travis’s apartment for the same amount of time. either way, travis has no idea that he has met his match.

opinion: i'm a bit of a sucker for a book with dark characters, so this book was right up my alley. abby and travis's relationship is either high or very low. to me, the relationship was seriously unhealthy, but at the same time i kept feeling like they were meant to be together, for so many reasons. 

abby captured me from the very beginning, i must admit, at times she frustrated me because she was so stubborn. i loved how she didn't give in to travis's early advances and that she stood her ground with him. she has this amazing drive, one that puts self preservation first - which i found admirable and understood based on her upbringing. what i do know is that life can alter your path, and that's what happened with abby. insert travis maddox. he seems to be everything she doesn't want, but is insanely drawn to. he's possessive and controlling and her attraction to him overrides the plan she's made. 

travis was my favorite character. he's a fighting bad boy who really doesn't care about anything or anyone, that is, until he meets abby. his world shifts and i went on this journey with him. throughout the book, i kept thinking to myself... i wonder what travis was thinking!! (more on that later!), because his decisions and actions left me wanting to dive into the book and slap him silly (i did feel like this about abby too).  

i, personally, loved the relationship between these two. i was very into just how messed up they were, both alone and together. what really got to me, was the intensity of their relationship. abby gives travis a reason to change, she gets to him and its almost like he doesn't even understand why. i love the notion that a single person can make someone want to change, and this book did it for me.

i don't hugely enjoy reading books that are predictable, and while some elements were, i was very surprised by the turn of events.  i don't want to give away too much, in case someone wants to read it, but there is a bit of gambling, vegas, fighting, smoke, parties and steamy scenes! 

as with all books that i really enjoy, i tend to do some research, so i was super excited to see that the author was releasing the version from travis's perspective, called 'Walking Disaster'. it's released on April 16th! i've already preordered and am counting down! also, warner bros has agreed to make it into a movie! my picks are below for who i think should be cast:

abby: leighton meester
travis: cam gigandet
america; julianne hough
shepley: liam hemsworth

1. were there any other especially interesting characters? shepley and america were interesting, i loved the loyalty and love that america and abby share. it's a bond that can't be broken, and you see that early on.
2. from whose point of view is the story told? abby's point of view.
3. were the characters and their problems believable? yes, i think so. maybe a little exaggerated, but i loved the journey.
4. how did the main character change during the novel? i sort of spoke to this in my opinion above, but both travis and abby definitely changed. love can change people and that's what i got from this book.
5. what alternative title would you choose for this book? actually, i think that the current title works so well for this story.
6. favorite quote: (shep to abby) you're a goddam tornado! when you are happy, it's love and peace and butterflies. when you're pissed, you take the whole f*#*ing world down with you!
7. favorite scene: i'd say it's the scene where travis confronts abby outside her dorm room and then calls parker. his little speech melts my heart!
8. what did you think of the cover? loved it
9. would you recommend this book? yes, highly recommended
10. how would you rate it? 9/10

Sunday, 24 February 2013

hard to please or just picky?

my new morrocan lanterns as well as some other decorative pieces in our home
so i spent this weekend shopping for our little nest and i've come to realise that i'm hard actually hard to please. we've been in our house now for about a year and i can help decorate and style other people's homes, but i find my own challenging. now that could be because i don't want to settle for something other than what i have my heart set on or it could be because i'm so indecisive (standard for a Gemini - multiple personalities you see!) which means i struggle to just say yes. fun being me. it could also be because i have a pretty unique style and like very different pieces mixed in together.

see, i'm the type of person who needs to feel comfortable in my space, which means i need colour and when i started out decorating our home, i decided on yellow and a dark teal colour... i absolutely love it. it's so me! my poor husband didn't get a choice here...

i also love diy stuff. if only i had the time... mental note - i'd like to find time because i have some pretty cool ideas about making a herb garden as well as a bedhead for our spare bedroom - more on that another time.

i didn't have a great shopping day yesterday, we went out with my parents - who are also building a home at the moment... and as i expected, i managed to find a whole heap of items for their home, ours not so much...  so i was pretty frustrated yesterday... my poor hubby had to bear the brunt of it... oops... the joys of being married to me. so this morning we decided to go to ikea... i always manage to walk out with something from there, even if it's tea light candles! i did get a couple of good pieces though... i bought the moroccan lanterns in the pic above - been looking for some unique lanterns to put in our niche for ages! also, bought the little centerpiece on the table... wanted something minimal so it didn't take away from my favorite yellow pendants.

i keep telling myself i'll get there, but we have so much more to do and so many rooms / spaces to furnish. all in good time i suppose. clearly patience isn't my strong point! fun fun fun.

Friday, 22 February 2013

let's kick this off...

so, i've decided to start a blog. why, you ask? well, there's a couple of reasons...
  1. i've done this before you see... the hubby and i started one when we were building our first home and we actually enjoyed it
  2. i enjoy reading other blogs and hearing about all the crazy, fun, happy and sad stories others have to tell
  3. i want to start documenting our lives.... see ,i don't think we live an extraordinary one, but i'm happy, we're happy and i hope to share some of my highs and lows with those interested in reading about it
pre-wedding shoot
so let me tell you a little about me... i'm 27 years old and very happily married to Deege. We've been married for just over 2 years now and i won't lie, it's been hard. we've had our ups and downs, as does every couple, but we love each other. we've been together since just after high school and we are blissfully happy!

honeymoon shot
we met in 2002, got engaged in 2008 and got married in 2010! getting engaged and married was a pretty big milestone, then we honeymooned in the amazing cook islands, then returned to sort out our home. we decided to buy a little piece of soil and build our first home. it was an amazing experience and i couldn't have imagined doing it with anyone else. we have since been busy finishing it off, so expect to see some decorating / house idea posts in this blog! i'm slightly obsessed and like to take my time finding the right pieces for our humble home! we've also just welcomed the newest member of our family; lola. she's my beloved chocolate labrador and i'm totes obsessed with her, so i'm sure there will be some posts about her to entertain you.

ok, that's enough of an introduction.. i'll get into the nitty gritty as we go on. in the meantime i'll leave you with a photo of our big day, 2 years ago! it sorta sums up our cheekiness!