Sunday, 24 February 2013

hard to please or just picky?

my new morrocan lanterns as well as some other decorative pieces in our home
so i spent this weekend shopping for our little nest and i've come to realise that i'm hard actually hard to please. we've been in our house now for about a year and i can help decorate and style other people's homes, but i find my own challenging. now that could be because i don't want to settle for something other than what i have my heart set on or it could be because i'm so indecisive (standard for a Gemini - multiple personalities you see!) which means i struggle to just say yes. fun being me. it could also be because i have a pretty unique style and like very different pieces mixed in together.

see, i'm the type of person who needs to feel comfortable in my space, which means i need colour and when i started out decorating our home, i decided on yellow and a dark teal colour... i absolutely love it. it's so me! my poor husband didn't get a choice here...

i also love diy stuff. if only i had the time... mental note - i'd like to find time because i have some pretty cool ideas about making a herb garden as well as a bedhead for our spare bedroom - more on that another time.

i didn't have a great shopping day yesterday, we went out with my parents - who are also building a home at the moment... and as i expected, i managed to find a whole heap of items for their home, ours not so much...  so i was pretty frustrated yesterday... my poor hubby had to bear the brunt of it... oops... the joys of being married to me. so this morning we decided to go to ikea... i always manage to walk out with something from there, even if it's tea light candles! i did get a couple of good pieces though... i bought the moroccan lanterns in the pic above - been looking for some unique lanterns to put in our niche for ages! also, bought the little centerpiece on the table... wanted something minimal so it didn't take away from my favorite yellow pendants.

i keep telling myself i'll get there, but we have so much more to do and so many rooms / spaces to furnish. all in good time i suppose. clearly patience isn't my strong point! fun fun fun.

Friday, 22 February 2013

let's kick this off...

so, i've decided to start a blog. why, you ask? well, there's a couple of reasons...
  1. i've done this before you see... the hubby and i started one when we were building our first home and we actually enjoyed it
  2. i enjoy reading other blogs and hearing about all the crazy, fun, happy and sad stories others have to tell
  3. i want to start documenting our lives.... see ,i don't think we live an extraordinary one, but i'm happy, we're happy and i hope to share some of my highs and lows with those interested in reading about it
pre-wedding shoot
so let me tell you a little about me... i'm 27 years old and very happily married to Deege. We've been married for just over 2 years now and i won't lie, it's been hard. we've had our ups and downs, as does every couple, but we love each other. we've been together since just after high school and we are blissfully happy!

honeymoon shot
we met in 2002, got engaged in 2008 and got married in 2010! getting engaged and married was a pretty big milestone, then we honeymooned in the amazing cook islands, then returned to sort out our home. we decided to buy a little piece of soil and build our first home. it was an amazing experience and i couldn't have imagined doing it with anyone else. we have since been busy finishing it off, so expect to see some decorating / house idea posts in this blog! i'm slightly obsessed and like to take my time finding the right pieces for our humble home! we've also just welcomed the newest member of our family; lola. she's my beloved chocolate labrador and i'm totes obsessed with her, so i'm sure there will be some posts about her to entertain you.

ok, that's enough of an introduction.. i'll get into the nitty gritty as we go on. in the meantime i'll leave you with a photo of our big day, 2 years ago! it sorta sums up our cheekiness!